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Where is XDefiant on GeForce NOW and Luna?

We expected XDefiant to land on GeForce NOW and Amazon Luna earlier this week when it went live on other platforms. The GeForce NOW team had previously tweeted that it was coming “at launch”: In fairness, this tweet was from a year ago and the game’s schedule ended up changing significantly after that point. And, […]

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A Stadia Insider Speaks! What Could Have Saved Stadia?

When Google Stadia made its debut in November 2019, it aimed to redefine the gaming landscape by offering seamless game streaming devoid of traditional hardware constraints. However, its journey was fraught with challenges, culminating in its official closure on January 18, 2023. Among the myriad of factors contributing to Stadia’s downfall, poor marketing, poor coverage, […]

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Cloud Gaming News Cloud Gaming Technology Enlightenment Other Cloud Platforms A Cloud Gaming Revolution with Open-Source DNA shakes things up in the cloud gaming scene with its innovative approach. Here’s why you should take notice, whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a Steam library devotee, or simply a fan of smooth cloud gaming. Open Source for the Win Unlike its competitors, embraces open-source development. This means tech-savvy users can self-host the […]

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Amazon Opens a New Game Development Studio

Usually, when we report on news in relation to game development studios, it is about them laying off staff or being closed down. So it is very much a welcome change to report on a new gaming studio being opened! The company behind this is Amazon Games as they have opened a brand new development […]

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Amazon Luna
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7 Games Leaving Amazon Luna in Near Future

We recently found 7 games that are leaving Amazon Luna in the next several weeks. There was a time when we were quite worried about the number of games leaving the Amazon Luna service. The library of titles quickly dropped from around 300 games to a low of 160. We’ve got a list of the […]

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Netflix Games Adds Two New Indie Games Paper Trail and Katana Zero

Netflix Games, the gaming division of the video streaming service, has added the brand-new indie game Paper Trail to its continuously growing gaming offerings. So let’s go over this news. What Is Paper Trail On Netflix Games About? Paper Trail is a beautifully stylized game where you journey through a paper world, using the fact […]

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Antstream Arcade
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Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Games, Including One Legendary PlayStation Game

Antstream Arcade, the cloud gaming retro gaming service with over 1300+ video games, has today added two brand new video games to its growing lineup. Today’s lineup includes a homebrew indie game from game developer and YouTube content creator John Riggs, as well as a legendary PlayStation game. SO let’s go over them. Yeah Yeah […]

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The Gaming Community Is Its Own Worst Enemy

I see a lot of folks in the gaming community bemoaning all the game studio restructuring, layoffs and closures (big and small) over the last year. Such actions have been happening industry wide to massive companies and small companies alike – independent or not, acquisitions or not. Personally, I’m still reeling from the news that […]

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Collage of HUMANITY and Hellblade II game banners. Both opted into GFN on Steam this week.
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GFN Steam Update May 20: Hellblade II, HUMANITY and 8 Other Titles Opt In

Each week, we update our list of games that have opted into NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW (GFN), on Steam. This week, there are 10 new titles on the list of games that have opted in. When a game’s publisher opts a title into GeForce NOW, they are officially signaling their interest in joining GeForce NOW […]

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Xbox Series X w/ God of War
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How to Play PlayStation Exclusive Games On Xbox Using Boosteroid

The console wars are one of the most annoying things about being a gamer. It often means you can’t play the game you want on the device you want to play it on. However, while Xbox and several of its first party publishers have released games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, a vast majority of […]

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