Stadia 1,000 Event: August 15

Stadia 1000


Google Stadia is turning 1,000 (days old that is) on August 15! That’s 1,000 days of defying critics, of gaming on multiple screens, of feature rollouts and game additions (AAAs to Indies), of playing on the go, of connecting with friends and family and of community discovery.

We love to celebrate milestones here at Stadia Dosage. So, we are partnering with community members @4Scarrs_Gaming, @CliveIllenden and all of you to organize a 24+ Hour Stadia streaming event for the Stadia 1000 anniversary.

There will be Stadia talk, live streams, giveaways, playalongs, community chats, giveaways and more. We said giveaways, right?

So, about those Giveaways: Most participating streams will be giving away funds (via Google Play or Paypal) for a regular edition game of the winners choice!

The event is now over. But you can watch all the videos below! Remember to subscribe and hit the like button!

Time (Eastern)
Starts Sunday (14th) 9 PM
Streamer TwitterYouTube/Twitch Stream
9:00 PM@_Ryzak_
10:00 PM@ChatStadia
11:00 PM@CloudGamingDad
12:00 AM@andnowyour
1:00 AM@Ray3473
2:00 AM@jdeslip
3:00 AM@WiNDStaR715
4:00 AM@Just_pedder
5:00 AM@Just_pedder
6:00 AM@NinjaGuyX
7:00 AM@AmunRa1204
8:00 AM@N7_Spectres
9:00 AM@lofi_monk
10:00 AM@scooterama
11:00 AM@starfoxgamingyt
12:00 PM@in7ead
1:00 PM@MM2K
2:00 PM@StadiaFr
4:00 PM@_PapaBearGaming
5:00 PM@cliveillenden
6:00 PM@4Scarrs_Gaming
7:00 PM@deaddropstudios
8:00 PM@JeffGignac
9:00 PM@StadiaProGaming
10:00 PM@ChariotManGaming
11:00 PM@Sdadia_net
12:00 AM@4most_gg
1:00 AM
2:00 AM@SeanMorgan6022
3:00 AM@Mugenlive1
4:00 AM@vernificus
5:00 AM@Squidzzz
Final Schedule for Stadia 1000 Day


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