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Our Goals for Patronage

Here at Cloud Dosage, one of our pillars is creating a comfortable space for fellow gamers to enjoy cloud gaming. We feel in order to accomplish this, we must put in an effort to help connect community members who share an enthusiasm for cloud gaming services, news and development.

In support of such a space, we are actively working to highlight aspiring cloud gaming content creators – creators who choose to engage in the positive reinforcement of this community through streams, events, playalongs, podcasts etc.

Towards this goal, we are proud to present The Cloud Dosage Community Patronage Program!

Patronage Opportunities for Creators

  • Monthly Patronage: $1-$50 a month per channel. Doing this less frequently as we now prefer to be more targeted. We will also only do monthly support in cases where channels don’t have sponsorship from gaming platform/service companies themselves (even Google).
  • Special Content: Up to $100. Got a special video planned that’s going to take a lot of effort or resources? These are often the most impactful, and we see it as a good place to invest.
  • Giveaways: Up to $200. The brilliance of this is that the money can simultaneously be used to support cloud gaming services, game developers who support these services, a creator’s project as well as a community member who wins the giveaway. We consider this to be big bang for the buck.
  • Community Events: We love community events. Super weekends, bashes, playalongs, awards, tournaments etc.! One of the biggest things that sets cloud gaming apart is the way the technology encourages community – we don’t believe it is a coincidence that the Stadia community was so strong!
  • Charity Events: The community has so much positivity to give that it can’t be bottled up. We’re happy to consider gifting towards charity auctions, gift matches etc.

Rights and Acknowledgment Requirements… None!

We agree to hold NO rights to any created content, and don’t require any promotion of Cloud Dosage in return. The end goal is simply the curation of positive Cloud community activity.

Gifts are typically done unconditionally without any contractual obligations. However, participating in the program at one time is not a guarantee/promise of future opportunities. We do reserve the right to terminate monthly Patronage at any time.

Patronage Request

Apply at our Community Patronage Google Form now!