5 New PlayStation Titles Get Cloud Gaming Support – Destiny 2 Loses it

New PlayStation Cloud Titles

Last fall, Sony began streaming games from PS5 cloud hardware. The service is available to PS Plus Premium subscribers. If you are a Premium subscriber, you may now stream most free PS Plus games from the cloud (including PS5 games that are part of the PS Plus subscription).

A new feature that was introduced in the fall was the ability to stream select PS5 games that you have purchased outright (via the PlayStation Store) even if they are not part of the PS Plus collection. Notable titles included Hogwarts Legacy and Cyberpunk 2077. For the time being, the ability to stream PS5 games from the cloud is still restricted to actual PS5 devices (which admittedly defeats a lot of the purpose of the capability). However, we hope that the ability to stream to additional devices (including the PlayStation Portal) will be available sooner rather than later.

While there is no news about additional device support, we do have some new games to report today. More big PS5 games have gotten support. One popular game unfortunately lost cloud streaming support.

New PlayStation Cloud Gaming Titles

These are some great pickups for the cloud. PlayStation exclusive Stellar Blade is one that we were hoping to see. We recently gave the game a review in anticipation of it coming to the cloud.

Unfortunately, it appears that Destiny 2 was removed from PlayStation cloud gaming. Thanks to friend of the site, Rokk, for the tip.

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