11 New Titles from Curve Games Live on Blacknut

New Blacknut Games

Blacknut games offers an all-you-can-eat play cloud gaming subscription with well over 600 games for a single monthly subscription fee. Blacknut adds new games each month and just added 11 new titles from the publisher Curve Games!

We here at Cloud Dosage are particularly excited about From Space hitting the cloud. This was a game that was originally slated to come to Stadia. The game was available to play on Stadia for free in an early preview state. Unfortunately the title suffered a couple month delay in its final publication, and, in the meantime, Stadia announced its shutdown.

The title is an online co-op top down shoot-em-up that is the sequel to the title They Came from Space to Eat Our Brains. Published by Curve Games.

Curve Games publishes some other great titles as well. I Am Fish is a popular title on consoles and is sure to make Blacknut subscribers happy. The description of the title on Blacknut is as follows:

Cute, but not easy… the story of four fish who were separated when they were sold and are trying to make it back to the sea and be reunited with their friends. Each fish has its own special ability: the piranha can eat through pipes, the goldfish can roll along in its bowl… and we’ll let you discover the rest. A clever game for all ages and every fan of Finding Dory. We loved the last level!

Which of these Curve Games titles on Blacknut are you most excited to play?


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