Samsung Users Can Claim a 3 Month Membership To Blacknut

Blacknut Cloud Gaming Banner

Samsung and Blacknut have partnered up to bring their customers three months of free cloud gaming.

Blacknut Is one of the lesser-known cloud gaming services. which is a shame given its large library of varied titles and accessibility. So it is good to see them partnering with big names such as Samsung to entice more customers to its service. (read our review here)

This offer is open to Samsung device owners through the Samsung Boost. Should you own a recent phone or tablet from Samsung head to this link and claim your 3 months free.

The regular cost of a subscription to Blacknut is £12.99 per month in the UK. Making this offer great value for money. Plenty of time to see what games are available on the service. I know some of you reading this will even roll credits on some titles beforer your 3 months is up.

The offer will give you access to over 500 titles. Up to 5 people on different profiles at the same time. When it comes to accessibility and family sharing. Boosteroid cannot be matched.

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