8 More Titles Available Now on Boosteroid

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Boosteroid are back in action today. Bringing 8 new games to the Ukrainian based cloud gaming service. There is certainly variety in this mix of titles, with something to tickle [almost] every gamer’s fancy. 

Quirky Indie Titles

First on the list is Chillquarium. An indie business simulation game from solo developer Ben Reber. ‘Buy fish and raise them in real time, then sell them to turn a profit or keep them around to earn money through ticket sales.  A relaxing game with a simple premise. Yet it boasts a respectable 9/10 on Steam from over 2900 reviews. It seems this little gem may have gone under the radar, but now it is in the clouds, it may be the perfect time to test the waters. 

Chillquarium is ready to play in the cloud

Next up Is One-Armed Rober. Another 9/10 indie gem. This time you step in to the shoes of a robber, missing an arm, to pull off daring heists on shops, banks, and more in this first person simulation game. A unique challenge sure to have you thinking outside the box.

Moving away from Indie simulators and on to Helldivers. This top down, multiplayer shooter from Arrowhead Games may have been around for the best part of a decade, but it holds up well thanks to its relentless fanbase. 

Fancy making money but Fish not your thing? Enter House Flipper 2. Buy and renovate properties to sell them on with the aim of making a profit. Or if you are really up to the challenge, who not build from scratch. After a successful release across PC and Console last year. Flipping homes is now possible in the cloud. 

Zombies and Demons

Well there certainly isn’t a shortage of these on cloud gaming services, and now yet another game joins the line-up in Yet Another Zombie Survivors. In this Zombie game, team and decide upon their enhancements. Find the best combination to fend off an undead horde of thousands. 

Also joining the lineup is a 10/10 (11,000 reviews) free to play adventure-puzzle game, Helltaker.  Described as “a short game about sharply dressed demon girls, this has been a popular choice since i’s launch in 2020. Looking for a short, single player, game to sink your claws in to? There’s little going against this one. 

From well-dressed demons to training monkeys. Explore, build, and craft with up to 3 friends in this survival game, aptly titled, The Survivalists. This is an action filled sandbox-survival game set in The Escapists universe. With surprises, secrets, and danger a plenty. 

A New Spin on Robin Hood

Finally, play as one of the Merry Men as you lead the rebellion and take on the armies of Sherrif Nottingham, solo or with up to 4 players, in the action adventure RPG inspired by Robin Hood. Free the people from a futuristic dystopia in  Gangs of Sherwood

With all 8 of these titles now available to play via Boosteroid, we are spoiled for choice. Which title will you be playing first?

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