A new game is brewing for Game Pass Ultimate – Spirittea

As a British person, there is one thing I love above most things; a nice cup of tea. And obviously gaming is high on the list too. So I am delighted that Spirittea, from Developer Cheesemaster Games, will launch for Xbox, Switch, and PC via Steam in early 2023, and it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass on day one, with a good chance of it coming to the Cloud.

To be clear, the game isn’t about running a tea plantation or anything like that (much to my chagrin). In Spirittea you drink the Spirit Tea which allows you to see the spirits in your village.

Wait! Who the heck are you?! Can you see me? You CAN, can’t you? You’ve drunk the Spirittea, and now you can see me!! Look, we’ve got problems! This town is crawling with trouble making spirits. They’ve become lost because humans have stopped worshiping, leaving offerings or even thinking about them anymore.

From the Steam page:

This is- well… used to be a nice town, but there have been some strange goings-on lately! You’re going to find the spirits causing mayhem and fix their problems, so they can become paying customers, and get to know the townspeople and explore the mountain to its fullest!

Here’s the stuff you’ll want to get involved in:

  • Solving the spirit’s problems – To remember themselves, they’ll need anything from some spicy noodles to finding and digging up their lost treasures, so get your problem-solving hat on!
  • Making friends with the locals – The townspeople all have their own schedules, likes, dislikes and hobbies to take part in – from bug catching to karaoke, there’s something for everyone!
  • Managing the bathhouse – You’ll need to clean towels, chop wood to heat the baths and seat the spirits with their friends for the ultimate bathing experience.
  • Upgrading and decorating – The local shops can make a lot of cool furniture and help you fix up overgrown areas of the bathhouse. We should make it big and fancy enough to take on all the spirits!

Is this a game that interests you? It’s another interesting looking game that adds to the stellar line-up that is already confirmed for 2023. Let us know in the comments what you think.



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