Abxylute Unveils a Brand New Handheld Grip For The Abxylute One Handheld Device

The abxylute one is a handheld gaming device that allows you to both stream your favourite games, either via the cloud or remote play.

Our review for the abxylute one handheld gaming device will soon be published on the site, but a small spoiler ahead of this is that we have been very impressed with the device.

It seems that abxylute is working hard on continuously improving the abxylute one however as they have announced the all-new abxylute handheld grip.

The grip compliments the abxylute one and will give the device a more substantial grip, whilst remaining both durable and lightweight. The grip itself is manufactured in high-quality nylon.

Pre-orders for the abxylute handheld grip are now live, the grip costs £22.00 and will start shipping on February 20th.

You can also get a little extra discount at checkout using code clouddosage -this applies to accessories and the abxylute handheld console itself.

Source – abxylute


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