All Games Released On Netflix In December 2023

New year, new games to come! But whilst some people are still off for the holidays, I wanted to go over the five games that were added to Netflix Games in December 2023 (as well as two games that were already on Netflix but received cloud versions). So let’s go!

Death’s Door Arrived On Netflix Games via Mobile On December 4th

Starting off the month of December we saw this indie dungeon-crawler game where you play as a crow which reaps souls, what’s there not to love? This game comes from developer Acid Nerve and publisher Devolver Digital. What is awesome for gamers is Death’s Door does not require the internet to be played on mobile devices and also supports controllers, which is always a huge plus.

The Brainteaser Game Word Trails Arrive On Netflix Games via Mobile On December 5th:

If you like games that keep your brain active whilst doing mundane tasks like riding the train or sitting on the bathroom, then Word Trails Is the Netflix game for you. In this game, you are given a collection of letters that you must combine to make words, however unless a letter appears more than once you can’t use that letter twice so use your head. If you want a game to help keep your brain healthy, or you just want to play a digital crossword puzzle, then you can check out Word Trails on Netflix.

Netflix Gamers Committed Grand Theft Auto On Mobile During December 14th

Okay, I’m kind of cheating by lumping these into one segment despite them being three separate games, but they are all in the same franchise, so I’m including them all together. The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: Definitive Edition is a collection of remasters of the classic PlayStation 2 era Grand Theft Auto games. The three games included are Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (the best GTA game). These games have controller support and do not require the internet to be played either, however, if I were you I’d check the compatibility of these games with your phone before trying to download them as you may end up disappointed.

The Two Reigns Games On Netflix Got Added To The Cloud Beta

Now this one is probably more interesting to readers as it covers the addition of two video games that already live on the Netflix mobile app but to the cloud. The two Reigns games on Netflix, those being the original Reigns and Reigns The Three Kingdoms, were added to Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta in the United States, UK, and Canada. The Reigns games are card-based strategy games and yes, the cloud versions do support Bluetooth controllers when playing on PC.

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