All Xbox Cloud Gaming Announces at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024

The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 revealed an exciting lineup of upcoming titles, highlighting a diverse range of games that will be available via the cloud. Fans of Activision, Bethesda, Blizzard, and Xbox Game Studios, along with various other partners, were treated to previews of new releases and updates to beloved franchises. From mythical adventures to high-flying simulations, the showcase offered a glimpse into the future of gaming on Xbox.

Age of Mythology: Retold – World’s Edge Presents its First-ever Gameplay Trailer

World’s Edge, known for the Age of Empires franchise, has released the first gameplay trailer for Age of Mythology: Retold. This game blends elements of the original Age of Mythology (2002) with modern real-time strategy design and visuals. The trailer, revealed at Xbox Showcase 2024, showcases gameplay, action, divine powers, and redesigned deity portraits. Age of Mythology: Retold is set to launch on September 4, 2024.

Avowed Offers a New Look at its Story

Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed has unveiled a new story trailer. Players will journey into the Living Lands as an envoy of the Aedyran Empire to stop the Dreamscourge. The game, releasing in 2024, features companions like Giatta and promises an adventure filled with chaos and wonders.

Take to the Skies on November 19 with the All-New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, the next installment in the franchise, is set to launch on November 19. This simulator features a diverse fleet of aircraft, detailed airports, and a stunning rendition of Earth. It incorporates the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics, and gaming. New features include aerial firefighting, search and rescue, commercial flights, remote cargo ops, VIP charter service, and air racing. The game aims to provide a comprehensive aviation career experience.

South of Midnight Shows Off First Gameplay

Compulsion Games’ South of Midnight showcased its first gameplay trailer ahead of its 2025 launch. The trailer introduces Hazel and her companion Catfish, traveling through a flooded area inspired by the Mississippi Delta. They encounter Two-Toed Tom, a gigantic albino alligator. The trailer highlights combat, traversal, and Hazel’s magical weaving powers.

Mixtape: Nothing But the Hits – Coming 2025

Mixtape, from Beethoven & Dinosaur, is set to release in 2025. The game follows three friends on their last night of high school, experiencing dreamlike reenactments of their memories. The narrative is delivered through various vignettes, blending gameplay, story, and music. The soundtrack features artists like DEVO, Roxy Music, Lush, and more, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

The Elder Scrolls Online Invites You to Discover Tamriel in a New Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new trailer. The latest Chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, launched in June. Players can explore the region of West Weld and uncover the mystery of the Forgotten Prince. The Scribing System allows players to create their abilities. More details are available on the Elder Scrolls Online website.

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Release Date Announced With New Trailer

Fallout 76’s Skyline Valley expansion is set to release on June 12. Players will explore the new region of Skyline Valley, previously known as Shenandoah National Park. The expansion introduces Vault 63, electric Ghouls, and new region bosses. A new Public Event, Dangerous Pastimes, will also be available.

Sea of Thieves Season 13 Update

Rare’s Sea of Thieves Season 13 update will arrive on July 25. The update features a new world event where players can battle Captain Flameheart’s flagship and control a skeleton crew. This free update is available for all players on Xbox, PC, and PS5.

With these upcoming releases, Xbox is set to deliver a wide variety of gaming experiences. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to dive into these games on cloud, PC, and console. We look forward to more confirmations for Xbox Cloud releases.

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