Antstream Arcade Confirms Cancelled SNES Game Mr Tuff Is Coming In 2024

Antstream Arcade the world’s largest retro cloud gaming platform has confirmed the arrival of the unreleased SNES game Mr Tuff on Antstream Arcade. This information has come from GamePress.

So What Is Mr Tuff About?:

Mr Tuff takes place in the “futuristic” time of 2008 (remember this game was canceled fourteen years prior). Humanity has left the earth polluted and destroyed to settle on a new planet leaving behind all their servant robots. Military Androids quickly took over the world however one small demolition robot called Mr Tuff has rebelled against the machines and seeks to free all the other robots in the world. To me, it sounds like this game takes a lot of inspiration from films like Terminator, which is awesome.

How Was Mr Tuff Saved From Cancellation?:

Mr Tuff was cancelled in 1994 two years before the publisher Sales Curve Interactive went public and thirteen years before they were absorbed into Edios Interactive. Mr Tuff was created by Darren Melbourne and Ned Langman who both work at Antstream Arcade now. The rights to Mr Tuff were licensed to The Retro Room (a game studio owned by John Roo) in 2023 who worked with Darren and Ned to release the game they had developed thirty years ago!

Hopefully, Antstream and their team can continue to bring more classic video games that never got to be finished and published on their original game platform. Will you be playing Mr Tuff when it drops on Antstream Arcade? Let us know on social media.

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