Antstream Arcade Adds Four New Titles From Factor 5

Antstream Arcade

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming service, has added four games on to its service from game publisher Factor 5. These games come from the Amiga and SNES, with there being three Amiga games and one SNES game. So let’s go over these additions and what they are.

Super Turrican: Score Attack (SNES)

The first game we are going to go over is the SNES game Super Turrican: Score Attack. It’s time to dust off your Turrican Assault Suit once again for a single-level mission. But this time is different, today you are not trying to defeat The Machine, it’s all about getting those points. With this being the solo SNES game, it is great to see that it’s a certified classic. It’s also the only game I’ve heard of from today’s list. Super Turrican: Score Attack is now available to all Antstream Arcade gamers.

Master Blazer

Masterblazer (Amiga)

The second game we are going to go over is the first Amiga game on our list. This game is Masterblazer which is set in the futuristic year of 3397 where Rotofoil Racing is all the range. In this game you must seek to dominate classic Ballblazer matches as well as new races as you fight to become the Masterblazer. This is an interesting game, so I’m happy to see its inclusion on Antstream Arcade.

Katakis (Amiga)

The next game we are going over is a side-scrolling space shooter known as Katakis. In this game, your planet Katakis has been overrun by powerful AI which wants to wipe out all life in the galaxy. In this game, you must shoot your way through waves of enemies as you tackle your mission to end the machine’s reign of terror. This game is one I will definitely be checking out, and I encourage all other shmup fans to check this game out now too.

Denaris (Amiga)

The final game on our list is a game which is in the same franchise as Katakis and annoyingly the Antstream description is the same! In Denaris you must liberate your planet after your people have been at war with a powerful AI. The AI plans to wipe out all lifeforms, so you must face waves of enemies head on as you take on the machine to destroy the evil machine and safe the galaxy.

Are you going to be checking out any of these new games on Antstream Arcade? Let us know!

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