Antstream Arcade Adds Six Games To Its Library

Hobgoblin (Amstrad CPC)

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming service, has needed some good news after a slew of removals. Today, Antstream has added six new games to its catalog. Four of the games added are Amstrad CPC games, but the other games are actually an MS-DOS game and an arcade game. Let’s take a look at these games. So, you know what was added to your Antstream Arcade subscription!

Pinball Illusions: Law ‘N Justice (MS-DOS)

The first game we are going to go over is the only MS-DOS game that was added to Antstream Arcade today. Pinball Illusions: Law ‘N Justice is, you guessed it, a pinball game. This one is actually the third game in a trilogy. If you’re a fan of pinball games and miss the days when everyone was making them, then be sure to check this game out now on Antstream Arcade.

Saboteur (Amstrad CPC)

Saboteur is a game for those who are fans of stealth titles. In this Amstrad CPC game, you need to sneak into an enemy complex that is crawling with guards. You must take them out with your martial arts skills. This game has some colorful graphics and was released in 1986. You can check this game out now on Antstream Arcade.

Bristles (Arcade)

The next game on our list is a fun arcade game about painting houses. In Bristles, you have to paint the houses whilst you deal with fun puzzles. This game already has a version on Antstream Arcade. But now we have the arcade version which can be considered the superior version.

Hobgoblin (Amstrad CPC)

The next video game on our list is Hobgoblin. A side-scrolling platforming game where you play as the iconic Halloween creature known as the Hobgoblin. This is another game which already had a version on Antstream. Still, it’s nice to see Antstream keeping different ports of the game son their platform.

Firelord (Amstrad CPC)

The next game on our list is the action adventure game Firelord, which was released on the Amstrad CPC in 1986. This game is very similar in style to the classic Zelda games of the time. Here, you must stop the evil queen who has taken over your kingdom. You play as Sir GalaheGalaheart,art who must use his wits to save the day.

Impossamole (Amstrad CPC)

The final game on our list is the side-scrolling platform game Impossamole. In this title, you play as Monty Mole, who must use his new superpowers to make his way through the levels. This game comes from Piko Interactive, who recently appeared at Antstream Arcade’s March Connect.

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