Antstream Arcade Adds Six New Games

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Antstream Arcade has had an interesting few months with several series of game removals. However, today, Antstream has added six brand new games, including one by YouTuber John Riggs. So, let’s look at these six games.

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Game Title: Colony 7 (Arcade):

The first game we are going to take a look at is Tatio’s Colony 7 an arcade game that takes inspiration from Taito’s own Space Invaders and Atari’s Missile Command. In Colony 7 you must use your powerful ion cannons to stop aliens from invading. This addition is surely going to be one that arcade gamers from the 1980s will recognize. The addition is awesome as it shows Taito is still providing games to Antstream Arcade.

Liberator - Videogame by Atari

Game Title: Liberator (Arcade):

The second game we are going to look at is Liberator by Atari in 1982. In this game, you have to destroy places on earth from orbit. This game has been described as a “reverse Missile Command,” where instead of protecting the earth, you are destroying it. What is awesome about this game is the addition shows that Atari is still working closely with Antstream Arcade to bring many games to the platform.

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Game Title: Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 (NES):

Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 is a platforming multiplayer game that was made by the YouTuber John Riggs. In this game, you play as Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo with the mission of zapping all your evil enemies across ten platforming stages filled with obstacles before you face the final extra-evil boss. If you and a friend both have Antstream, then you can play co-op in this indie game.

How long is Xyphoe's Nightmare? | HowLongToBeat

Game Title: Xyphoe’s Nightmare (NES):

Another game by another YouTuber, Xyphoe’s Nightmare is a platforming game where you play as retro gaming YouTuber Xyphoe. In Xyphoe’s Nightmare, you must help Xyphoe escape a never-ending nightmare by destroying copies of Bridge-It in this action platforming adventure. Antstream lists this game as “Antstream Exclusive” which is pretty interesting, too!

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Game Title: Cavemania (Amiga):

Another caveman platforming game (seriously how many of these were there in the late 80s and early 90s?), Cavemania is a game where you play as a caveman who is on a mission to get pterodactyl eggs. You must journey through nine different stages in this classic Amiga game. This is another addition that I know I’ll be checking out. So, you should try it too.

RIVAL TURF! | Virtual Console (Wii) | Spiele | Nintendo

Game Title: Rival Turf (SNES):

The final game on this list is the classic Super Nintendo beat ’em up game Rival Turf, a game where you must save your kidnapped girlfriend by fighting through waves of thugs. This game is a fun one especially if you have a couple of hours to kill and want to be a hero. Hailing from game developer Jaleco this game is by far one of the Japanese publisher’s best titles.

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