Antstream Arcade Adds Two Games From Two Classic British Computers

Antstream Arcade has added its second group of games to its gaming platform this year, and these are both games that were developed for two classic British video game microcomputers. Let’s take a look at the two games.

Project Future (Amstrad)

The first game comes from the Amstrad microcomputer line, and it is described as a game you can get lost in this future spacey collect ’em up shooter. This game was developed by the British game developer Gremlin Graphics, who published the title in 1985. If you’re curious how a game published in 1985 which is set in the future plays looks in 2024, now is your chance to try Project Future out on Antstream Arcade.

Reshoot Proxima 3 (Amiga)

Next, we move on to a homebrew game, Reshoot Proxima 3, that was only first published in 2023! The official game description on Antstream Arcade reads: “After escaping the Tars fleet, Aryn returns to her home planet, but some unwelcomed visitors have arrived during her absence.” This game is another shooting game, and it is a welcome addition, especially as you can not have too many classic shooting games on a retro game platform like Antstream.

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