Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Games From An Iconic British Computer

Antstream Arcade is back at it with new additions to its already incredible library of over 1400 games spanning from early arcade games from the 70s to games on the first PlayStation. Antstream has now added two new games to its growing catalog, both released on the home computer Amstrad CPC. So let’s take a look at these two new games.

Kwik Snax old DOS game - PC Games Archive

Kwik Snax (Amstrad CPC Version)

The first game we’re going to discuss is a game made by the dynamic duo of the British video game industry in the 1980s, The Oliver Twins. It’s a game in their long-running Dizzy franchise. Kwik Snax is an arcade-style video game and is a sequel to fellow Dizzy spinoff game Fast Food. At least that’s what fans say. In this game, you play as Dizzy, an anthropomorphic egg who must outwit Zak’s court jesters, clockwork mice, and bumblebees as you journey through The Land Of Personality. If you are curious about this game, it is now available to play on Antstream Arcade now.

Impossamole - Amiga Game - Download ADF, Music, Cheat - Lemon Amiga

Impossamole (Amstrad CPC Version)

The second game on our list is Impossamole a side-scrolling action platformer game where you play as a Monty Mole who is recruited by aliens to save their sacred scrolls. This addition is great as it comes from longstanding Antstream partner Piko Interactive who has provided other games like Glover to the Antstream library.

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