Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Games Including A Fan Favorite Indie Game

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming service with over 1300+ games, has today added two brand new video games to its growing catalog. The two games in question come from two different retro-gaming systems, one comes from the NES and the other comes from the popular Amstrad line of home computers. So without further ado, let’s go over these games.

Grebit (Amstrad)

The first game we will go over is the Amstrad video game Grebit. This is your classic Frogger-style adventure, which was all the rage back in the 80s and 90s. In this game, you play as a frog who must platform over the levels, avoid getting run over by cars and trucks, and avoid drawing. Even though this may not be the best game it is most likely the closest we will get to a Frogger game on Antstream Arcade so if you are a fan of Frogger then I recommend checking out Grebit.

Doodle World

Doodle World (NES)

The second game on the list is an NES indie game, a fan favorite for retro gaming fans, Doodle World. In this game, you must take on fifteen levels spread across five worlds and fight five bosses. This game is a 2D-side-scrolling platform game inspired by the drawings of the developer’s daughter. This game has cute graphics and is fun to try and speedrun. If you’re into 2D-platforming games, then I can’t recommend this game enough to anyone who wants a new game to experience.

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