Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Games, Including A Hidden Game Boy Gem

Antstream Arcade Game Boy Gem

Antstream Arcade, a retro gaming-focused cloud gaming service offering 1300+ games, has added two new games to its service. Of those games, one is an obscure Game Boy game which I am happy to see; so, let’s discuss these games.

Bubble Ghost (Nintendo Game Boy)

The first game I want to discuss is the game gem Bubble Ghost, which is a classic puzzle game. Bubble Ghost is a title where you must guide a very important bubble through a series of difficult screens. Whilst this is the Game Boy version of this game, it does make me curious about whether the original version on the Atari ST, which came out in 1987 (three years before the Game Boy version) will arrive. The similar Commodore 64 version is availabe. Interestingly, when I looked up who owns Bubble Ghost, it came back with Infogrames Entertainment which has since rebranded itself as Atari SA – yes, the same Atari who owns 10% of Antstream. Anyway, it is great that you can now check out this fun Game Boy puzzle game Bubble Ghost on Antstream Arcade.

The Chaos Engine 2 (Amiga)

Okay. Let me first say: yes this game appears on Antstream Arcade twice as there are separate games for the single-player and multiplayer versions. The Chaos Engine 2 is an action-filled steampunk video game follow-up to the original. The Chaos Engine 2 is an epic inclusion, as it’s another classic British video game from the famous group known as The Bitmap Brothers (now owned by Rebellion Developments). It’s always nice to see more classic Amiga games come to platforms like Antstream Arcade. You can check out The Chaos Engine 2 either on your own or with a friend on Antstream Arcade.

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