Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Games, Including One Legendary PlayStation Game

Antstream Arcade, the cloud gaming retro gaming service with over 1300+ video games, has today added two brand new video games to its growing lineup. Today’s lineup includes a homebrew indie game from game developer and YouTube content creator John Riggs, as well as a legendary PlayStation game. SO let’s go over them.

Yeah Yeah Beebies 2 Game Banner

Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2: Riggs Version: (NES)

The first of our two games is the NES game from retro gaming YouTuber John Riggs known as Yeah Yeah Beebies 2: Riggs Version. In this game, you must battle evil forces across ten platforming levels. Use your powers to zap all enemies and obstacles as you make your way through all ten levels to take on the boss, the evil Mass Of Pure Evil. If you’ve never played this game, then now is the time to experience it on Antstream Arcade.

Legend: (PlayStation):

The next game on our list is the PlayStation one fighting game Legend. This game is a PlayStation remake of the classic SNES game which includes updated graphics, updated controls and a new range of fighters for you to play as. This game was originally only released in European countries and the country of Australia, a North American port was in development before being cancelled. With the loss of Mortal Kombat on Antstream Arcade last year, I recommend checking out Legend to try to scratch your fighting game itch.

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