Antstream Arcade Adds Two New Obscure Retro Games

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming platform, has added two games to its library. Taking the total number of unique games on Antstream Arcade to 1324 titles available with your subscription. So, let’s look at these two new games!

Hobgoblin (Amstrad CPC Version)

The first game we will cover comes from the Amstrad CPC microcomputer and is based on a notable horror character known as the Hobgoblin. In this game, you play as the Hobgoblin as you go on a fantasy adventure in this platforming game from the early 1990s. It’s good that Antstream has added Hobgoblin especially as it is a more obscure game I had never heard of. You can play Hobgoblin now on Antstream Arcade.

Bristles (Arcade Version)

The second game on our list is the arcade video game Bristles. In this game, you play as Peter The Painter who must paint different houses within a limited time window. You can move house levels by moving up or down ladders or by riding in an elevator (or as we Brits say “a lift”). This is an interesting game as it comes from the developer First Star Software, who were also behind the original versions of the classic PC game Boulder Dash. You can check out Bristles on Antstream Arcade now.

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