Antstream Arcade and Blacknut Coming to Samsung TVs – Plus New Apps and 4K

Today, Samsung Electronics has released quite the press release. It is clear that Samsung’s commitment to cloud gaming is strong, being one of the leaders in the industry that pushes for both performance and availability. To helps expand cloud gaming, Samsung has announced new services coming to its Gaming Hub, standalone apps for older TV models, and even 4K games. Let’s break down the different announcements.

Anstream Arcade and Blacknut partner with Samsung

Launching in 2023, both Antstream and Blacknut game streaming will become available to owners of select 2021, 2022 & 2023 Samsung TVs. Here at Cloud Dosage, we’ve talked about both services and how different kind of gamers will find value.

Antstream Arcade focuses in making retro titles easily available on every display. Good old classics from the 80s and 90s, together with some great indie titles. Offering free sessions, we’re confident that many will give it a try, at least once. Despite being fairly small, the community is really nice and participating in tournaments is fun. You could say that it sort of brings the old arcade-era home.

On the other hand, Blacknut Gaming offers more modern titles. Despite being a little bit pricey and not offering the latest releases, those who want a vast library of games to play from time to time will find good value. Small ones will have a great time enjoying the kid-friendly titles, including many Disney games.

Cloud Gaming apps coming to 2021 Samsung Smart TVs

Rolling out through the end of the year, Samsung is giving more players access to game streaming through select 2021 Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung will make available individual apps from game streaming partners Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Utomik, with Blacknut and Antstream Arcade coming in 2023.

By expanding the game streaming experience to select 2021 Samsung Smart TVs, existing Samsung customers will now have instant access to the same games available through the Samsung Gaming Hub on 2022 Smart TVs and Monitors. Once available, the individual gaming apps can be downloaded from the Samsung App Store via the Media Hub directly on the TV.

GeForce NOW Priority tier compatibility coming soon

Coming out in a couple of weeks, those with an active GeForce NOW premium membership will be able to enjoy 4K resolution, 60 fps, RTX ON and priority access. These features will be available on 2022 and select 2021 Samsung Smart TV models. Cheers to the power of cloud gaming!



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