Antstream Arcade Announces a March Connect

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Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming platform, has needed some good news for a while due to over 100+ games leaving Antstream over the last six months. Well, today Antstream has announced a new “March Connect” coming this week. So, let’s discuss.

Antstream Arcade Banner

What Date Is The Antstream Arcade March Connect?

Antstream Arcade has confirmed they will be hosting their “Antstream Arcade March Connect” on Friday the 8th of March at 8pm (UK Time). This is an event where Antstream will probably make some big announcements including new games, new features and (hopefully) an update to their “Project Vision”. Click the link below to view the stream when it goes live on Friday the 8th of March.

Some Predictions For The Antstream Connect

I’m going to throw out a few small predictions for what I think will be announced at the Antstream Connect. My first of three predictions is that we will get a huge indie homebrew game confirmed for Antstream in 2024. What exactly is that game? I have no idea, but that’s the prediction.

The second prediction I have is that we will get an update on Antstream’s “Project Vision” which is a complete rebuild of the Antstream UI. The Antstream UI isn’t awful by any stretch, but it isn’t exactly snappy either. A refresh would be great!

My final prediction is that Piko Interactive and Atari will have some games appear at the event. This is somewhat likely due to the friendliness of Piko Interactive and Atari towards Antstream Arcade in general.

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