Antstream Arcade Announces Indie Game Doodle World

Doodle World

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming service focused on preserving the past, has today announced that a brand-new game is coming to their platform. The game in question is the indie game Doodle World, which was originally released in 2021 for the NES.

What Is Doodle World About?

You may be mistaken if you hear the name Doodle World and think of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode. Antstream Arcade has confirmed that the colorful indie game is coming to the platform on June 4th, 2024. Doodle World offers gamers fifteen levels across five different worlds, which also includes five boss battles. The game started life in 2021 as a Kickstarter by a father named Nate Peters, who took heavy inspiration from the NES games he grew up with back in the day.

However, the most interesting thing about Doodle World is that Mr. Peters was inspired by his youngest daughter Araceli’s drawing, which led to him developing Doodle World based on Araceli’s artwork and even having her play test the game for him. Doodle World is a game gem and one I own on my Evercade, so I highly recommend checking this game out if you’re searching for a hidden gem.

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