Antstream Arcade Announces You Can Now Play Certain Games For Free

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud gaming platform with over 1300 games, has today announced a new feature that allows gamers to play select Antstream Arcade titles for free. So let’s explain!

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How To Play Antstream Arcade Games For Free

Antstream Arcade has today announced a new feature called “sponsored tournaments,” which will give gamers the ability to play select Antstream games for free (if the game is in a sponsored tournament) and will also give gamers the chance to win lifetime subscriptions to Antstream Arcade on any platform of the winner’s choosing. Antstream Arcade is also encouraging game developers, brands, and content creators to sponsor their own tournaments on the platform when the feature is fully rolled out. As of the publication date, Antstream is currently running an open beta for the next two days to test out the feature and to receive feedback.

The fact that Antstream Arcade is rolling out a feature that lets people check out their service for free is an interesting one. Antstream used to offer a free ad-supported tier but eventually dropped support for that plan. This new feature however does allow retro gaming enthusiasts the ability to try out Antstream’s gaming platform for themselves, which could lead to an influx of new users and subscribers.

You can sign up for this open beta here.

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