Antstream Arcade Social Numbers Pop After Xbox App

Antstream Arcade Now on Xbox

Antstream Arcade recently made cloud gaming history. It became the first cloud gaming app to gain a bonafide app on a Tier-1 gaming console – Xbox. We’ve tested out the app and it looks and works great. It’s probably our favorite way to use Antstream. The app even lets you earn Xbox achievements for your retro gaming!

How Has Being on Xbox Affected Antstream Numbers

In short, it’s been huuuuuuuge for the Antstream cloud gaming platform! We can see from leaderboards on the service (e.g. Mortal Kombat alone lists 7,500 Xbox names) that likely tens of thousands of users have signed up on Xbox.

We’ve also been watching their social media numbers. Tracking these numbers over time shows plots that have gone vertical. Some stats are already seeing more than a 2x boost in just weeks.

This growth couldn’t have happened to a better service. The creators and staff over at Antstream Arcade are incredibly passionate about retro-gaming. They have created an experience on the service with custom challenges, weekly tournaments that goes well beyond a simple cloud game offering. It shows their passion and dedication to game preservation.

Kudos also need to be given to Xbox for allowing the app on its platform. It’s an incredibly consumer friendly move from the console.


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