Antstream Arcade Launches In Brazil

Antstream Arcade, the retro gaming cloud service with over 1300+ games (you can see them all in our catalog), has now launched in Brazil. This includes launching on Xbox with lifetime subscriptions!

So what is Antstream Arcade and How Much Does It Cost In Brazil?

Antstream Arcade has officially launched in Brazil, which means gamers in Brazil can now access Antstream Arcade and its massive gaming offerings. Antstream Arcade has launched on the web, Windows app, and Google Play Store alongside Xbox consoles. The official Xbox prices in Brazil for Antstream Arcade are:

  • 12 Month Subscription (R$ 149.95)
  • Lifetime Subscription (R$ 402.45)
Antstream Arcade

Antstream Arcade offers all of its subscribers the ability to access over 1300+ retro and indie games from seventeen game consoles. The lineup of games includes classic games from Atari, Taito, SNK, Namco and Piko Interactive among many other publishers and devs. Retro gamers in Brazil can now rejoice if they are interested in cloud gaming and want to reexperience hundreds of classic games from their youth. Hopefully, this new launch will lead to some Brazilian-only Sega Genesis games receiving worldwide releases across the world via Antstream Arcade.

If you live in Brazil will you be checking out Antstream Arcade? Let us know on social media.

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