Antstream Arcade Releases Two New Games Including An Indie Game Based On A Famous English Novelist

Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure

It’s Tuesday, and like every Tuesday, Antstream Arcade (the retro gaming focused cloud gaming platform) has added new games to its growing catalog. Antstream Arcade has today added two brand new games from two very different 8-Bit platforms. So, let’s take a look at these two games.

Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure Game Play

Jane Austen’s 8-Bit Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System):

The first game we are going to cover is one that fans of classic English literature may want to check out. Jane Austen’s 8-Bit Adventure is a platforming game starring the famous novelist where you must find missing pages from books and return them to the library. This game is a homebrew title from 2023 – meaning it’s one of the many indie games on Antstream Arcade. It is a game you may want to check out if you’re a fan of platforming games or of Victorian literature or of fun games in general.

Maze Mania (Amstrad):

The second game is the delightful Amstrad game Maze Mania. The game was also previously available on Antstream Arcade from other retro platforms. In Maze Mania, you have to walk on tiles, avoid monsters and try to get to the end of the level without being caught. The addition of Maze Mania to Antstream Arcade is awesome as this is the first time I’ve ever even seen this game (and I’m a collector!). If you want to see one of the more interesting games that hit the British game industry during the 1980s, then I highly recommend starting with this game.

Antstream Arcade now has 1320 games available to its users, you can check out more of our coverage of Antstream Arcade here.

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