AntStream Arcade Might Be Coming to Your New Car

We’ve lots of news recently about Boosteroid, Utomik, Blacknut all expanding their reach. From updated apps, to coming preinstalled on newer model TVs, it seems there is always some expansion. But the expansion has largely been locked to your household items.

Cloud Gaming Chromebooks
Cloud Gaming Chromebooks

But AntStream Arcade has recently teased some interesting news over on their Twitter page. They have just shared a post from Mercedes-Benz (yes, the CAR manufacturer) which states they are “moving towards a software-driven company” and are building their own operating system for their cars.

The tease implies that, at least, AntStream Arcade will be able to run their cloud catalog on the new MB.OS (Mercedes-Benz Operating System). But if AntStream can run on it, then there is nothing stopping other cloud gaming providers also working on MB.OS. How it will work, or look, is currently unknown, but it is certainly an interesting use for cloud gaming. And something we will be keeping a keen eye on.

Steam and Tesla have partnered up to allow Steam game to be played on the Model S and X, but the games run natively on the cars hardware. Which would need some beefy specs for a lot of games, and presumably use more battery.

What do you think of being able to play cloud games in your car?



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