Antstream Arcade Update – Retro Gaming’s Future

Antstream Arcade is a cloud gaming service that brings classic games from the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s to any screen. Today the company announced a few changes. Some effective from today. Whilst others will be coming into effect in the new year.

Antstream Arcade Catalog of Games
Which of these brings back childhood memories for you

Continuing with their goal of bringing the best of classic games to as many people as possible, Antstream Arcade has restructured the premium membership. Starting today, you can purchase a 12-month premium subscription for £12/$12USD. That’s £1/$1 per month for unlimited access to classic games. With no need to download the games to play them. This is an incredible offer.

Premium Enhancements

During the announcement, Antstream’s CEO went on to mention that there would be more features to be added to the premium tier in the new year. We also got a sneak peek at an incoming design refresh.
The new design will bring a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements, resulting in improved stability and faster load times. There will be a lot more in the way of customization in the new design.

Finally, Antstream will bring new ways to compete with friends and share your achievements. There is a lot to look forward to with this uniquely positioned cloud gaming service.

Free Just Got Better

The free tier has had a shuffle around. You now get 100 gems per day. These can be traded in for game sessions (on the free tier), to challenge friends, or enter tournaments. You can always earn more Gems in gameplay and by watching ads.

Antstream Arcade Free Tier

Antstream arcade has always been an interesting offering. But now with new features, better performance, and incredible pricing. There’s never been a better time to relive your gaming memories in the cloud.

I will be diving-in deeper real soon and sharing my thoughts right here, so stay tuned!



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