Arranger A Role-Puzzling Adventure Gets Netflix Games Release Date

Netflix Games

Arrange A Role-Puzzling Adventure is a highly anticipated indie game which is coming to PC, consoles, and Netflix later this year and we now have the official release date for this game across all platforms.

The game will arrive on Netflix Games on July 25th 2024.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure

What Is Arranger A Role-Puzzling Adventure and When Will It Be Out?:

Arranger A Role-Puzzling Adventure is a highly anticipated role-playing and puzzle game hybrid where you must slide tiles to move your protagonist through the world as they journey through their adventure. The price of this game on mainline consoles and on PC is said to be $19.99, while with Netflix Games it will be free to all their subscribers. The official release date for Arranger A Role-Puzzling Adventure is July 25th, 2024, which is an exciting prospect. This game is an indie game I’ve been excited for since the game was announced to be coming to Netflix Games. July 25th can’t come soon enough.

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