Battle Vision Network Coming To Netflix Games In 2025

Capybara Games has announced a brand-new game called Battle Vision Network, an online player-vs-player game. So let’s talk about this exciting new game.

So What Is Battle Vision Network?

Battle Vision Network is an exciting new online player-vs-player game from Capybara Games which is coming to Netflix Games alongside Steam in 2025. Capybara Games’ official description of this game reads:

Battle Vision Network is an online player-versus-player puzzle battler fusing cozy color-matching puzzle gameplay with deep turn-based tactics. Teams from across the galaxy vie for the ultimate championship title in fast n’ fierce puzzle battles!

Official Description Of Battle Vision Network BY Capybara Games.

This game sounds enticing, especially as the game is both a puzzle game and a player-vs-player experience. Personally, I can’t wait for this game to drop on Netflix in 2025 to see how this game plays. It’s always nice to see new games being announced for Netflix Games.

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