Best Games for Amazon Luna Couch

Luna has been making some headway over the past few months. With a few excellent titles being added in April, it’s worth knowing what other great games are available on the service. While there is plenty to play by yourself on the service, one of the great unique characteristics of Luna is the option to play “local” multiplayer on games over the internet through the “Couch” mode. This is actually Luna’s main multiplayer mode, as ordinary platform-based multiplayer you are probably used to isn’t available on the service outside of Ubisoft Connect games.

If you’re not aware of it, Luna Couch allows you to provide a link to your gaming session to a friend. It will allow the two of you to play multiplayer games that would typically be considered “offline” experiences. In a nutshell, it simulates you and your buddy playing on a couch, but without the actual couch.

If you’re a subscriber, your friend doesn’t need a subscription or to own the game. All they need to play is the link you send them. Listed below are the best games to play on Luna Couch overall, for being quick to jump into and easy to learn and play.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked 2 Screenshot

Overcooked 2: Although this game is well known for destroying friendships, the raw fun factor insists that this be included. I don’t care if your friend hates you, this game still rocks. The two of you will team up in the kitchen to prepare as many orders as possible before the timer runs out. Every level will throw new obstacles and recipes at you, ensuring hilarious insanity every time you progress.

Death Squared

Death Squared Screenshot

Death Squared: This is a puzzle game that only gets better with more people, but Luna unfortunately limits you to two. That’s still enough people to have a great time in this clever puzzle game. You and your friend will have to work together to solve puzzles and navigate hazards. The platforming can be tricky, so you’re sure to laugh at each other’s failures.

Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee 2 Screenshot

Guacamelee 2: Both the original and its sequel are on Luna, and I would encourage you to play both, but 2 gets the recommendation because it improves on the already-excellent original. This games oozes personality and is so delightfully quirky. Its a side-scrolling Metroidvania first, but the combat encounters are frenetic and stylish. You’ll be glad you have a partner to play with too.  This is one of the longer co-op games on Luna Couch

River City Girls

River City Girls Screenshot
Souce: official steam page at

River City Girls: This is a classic beat-em-up where you play as a couple of highschool girls who have to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends. The pixel art and soundtrack will win your heart, while the action keeps you hooked. This one is nice for some mindless violence that offers the optional grind. Can’t go wrong with this one. 

Contra Anniversary Collection

Contra Screen Capture
Source: official steam page

Contra Anniversary Collection: This might seem like a strange inclusion, but if you’ve played any contra in the series’ long history you’ll know how much better it is with co-op. Not only are these games brutal in their difficulty, they’re also beautifully simple to pick up and play. If your co-op partner doesn’t understand video games very well, this option is the best choice on the list. While the games are difficult, they’re incredibly simple to understand: Run, shoot, and dodge bullets. The series has had its highs and lows over the years, but the games in this collection give you the pick of the lot. In this writer’s opinion you always have to start with the original.

The more or less clears up the best games to play on Luna Couch. There are plenty more to choose from that had to be left out for brevity’s sake. Honorable mentions include Samurai Warriors 5, Horizon Chase Turbo, Moving Out and Child of Light.


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