Blacknut and Mobile Arts Announce Partnership to Support Cloud Gaming Market

Blacknut Cloud Gaming and Mobile Arts have announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing telecommunication offerings in the cloud gaming market, currently valued at over six billion USD. The cloud gaming sector is expected to grow at an annual rate of 39.38%, reaching an estimated market volume of US$18.71 billion by 2027. User numbers are projected to rise to 493 million by 2027.

Blacknut provides cloud gaming services in over 60 countries through more than 40 B2B partnerships, including major telecom companies. Their hybrid public-private cloud streaming technology allows users to stream and play games on various devices without additional hardware or installation. Blacknut’s catalog includes over 500 games, compatible with tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, PCs, and more. The service includes parental controls, multiple player profiles, and support for up to four Bluetooth controllers for co-op and multiplayer gaming.

Mobile Arts, a technology provider in the EMEA region, specializes in solutions for premium content and brands. Their services include Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) connectivity and user acquisition, helping brands enter the mobile value-added services sector efficiently. Mobile Arts aims to expand cloud gaming in the MENA region through this partnership.

Comments from Blacknut and Mobile Arts

Oliver Avaro, CEO of Blacknut Cloud Gaming, emphasized the importance of telecom partnerships in making gaming accessible to a wider audience. He stated that leveraging these partnerships can bring high-quality gaming experiences to more people.

Creating new channels, such as telecom partnerships, is essential to making gaming accessible to everyone. By leveraging these partnerships, we can bring high-quality gaming experiences to a broader audience, ensuring that more people can enjoy and engage with the vibrant world of gaming.

Oliver Avaro

Jamil Gaith of Mobile Arts expressed excitement about the collaboration. Highlighting its potential to bring top-tier cloud gaming experiences to users in the MENA region. He noted that this partnership marks a significant step forward for Mobile Arts in supporting premium brands.

We are excited to partner with Blacknut to bring top-tier cloud gaming experiences to users. Through our established DCB connections and technology, we aim to expand cloud gaming in the MENA region to give the best gaming experience to users. This collaboration represents a significant step forward for Mobile Arts in supporting premium brands in expanding their reach in untapped markets.

Jamil Gaith

Through this collaboration, Blacknut will utilize Mobile Arts’ monetization solution and DCB connections to expand into new markets while minimizing user acquisition risks.

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