Blacknut Expands to Japan With New Partnerships

Blacknut has partnered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and No.1 Digital Solutions Corporation to launch a new premium service platform for game publishers in Japan. This collaboration aims to provide Japanese game publishers a simplified cloud gaming experience.

Blacknut allows up to five different player profiles to access their library of over 500 games. The games are cloud-streamed and can be played on various devices, such as mobile devices, smart TVs, tablets, and PCs. Users can start playing on one device and seamlessly continue on another. Blacknut also supports up to four Bluetooth controllers for multiplayer gaming.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers high-performance computing power for cloud-native and enterprise IT workloads. By combining OCI’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless computing, users can experience real-time flexibility for their applications. The partnership with Blacknut enables game publishers from Japan to benefit from enhanced performance related to graphics through the Digiterrace service provided by No.1 Digital Solutions Corporation.

Explanation shared by Blacknut and Oracle

With this collaboration, Japanese publishers can enjoy several advantages of cloud gaming. Firstly, users can enjoy a high-quality gaming experience on various devices. All without being limited by device specifications or the need for additional hardware or software purchases. Secondly, the subscription model reduces the risk of scam scenarios, ensuring a secured game catalog. Additionally, game publishers can benefit from lower distribution costs, allowing publishers to reach a broader audience.

By working together, Blacknut, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and No.1 Digital Solutions Corporation aim to deliver a cloud gaming service platform for game publishers in Japan. Despite gamers in the west being hesitant to try cloud gaming, many Japanese players have been using the technology for years.

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