Blacknut Kicks Off 2023 With 10 New Games

Almost two weeks after the start of the year, Blacknut has added 10 new games to its library of cloud games. These additions follow the latest ones, almost two weeks before the end of 2022. Subsequently, these new titles are also from the same publishers: Blowfish Studios and 10tons. It’s always great to see new games being added to a service. Specially, with so many different genres and concepts. Here’s hoping Blacknut gets many more games as 2023 progresses! For now, let’s take a look at the latest additions.

Games by Blowfish Studios

Infinite Beyond The Mind

Tanya and Olga share a special connection, and infinite power… That is, until Queen Bramann of the Kingdom of Beljantaur sets her eyes on them. It has the simplicity of all good retro pixel art platformers, with simple and straightforward action setting the pace. The game is definitely better in co-op, but it’s still loads of fun in single-player.

Winter Ember

In a dark Victorian world, Arthur witnesses the murder of his family. A few years later, he returns as a faceless man to exact revenge on those responsible. This is an intelligent game for fans of top-down stealth. You’ll be sneaking around picking locks and taking out overconfident guards from the shadows, as well as crafting tools and putting your light fingers to work.

Games by 10tons

Baseball Riot

A game that draws on Angry Birds where you play as a baseball player who’s lost his mind. Armed with your bat, you’ll need to find a way to knock down all the characters in every level. Just watch out for bad bounces. You’ll need to think before you step up to the plate if you’re to collect all the stars, and sometimes the right shot needs to be pixel-perfect. Pure fun.


Judge, jury, and executioner, you’ve got free rein to kill the bad guys, and boy this is going to be fun! A top-down game set in a dystopian past, you play as a cop with all the kit, out to lay down the law. What you can expect: taking out targets, collecting items, and rescuing hostages, all over the course of short, fast-paced levels. A successful tribute to Robocop and Judge Dredd.

Skeletal Avenger

What if your skull was your most powerful weapon? Playing as the skeleton of a hero fallen in battle, you’re out to exact revenge on the monsters that killed you. The mechanics are traditional enough: choose a dungeon and once inside you can choose different routes. Great in single-player, it’s fantastic in endless mode and multiplayer. An effective rogue-lite/hack ’n’ slash to play right away.


Play as a little wizard trying to make it to the top of a tower. To get there, he’ll have to do battle with the enemies that block his path… but this is a battle of words. The game is a bit like Boggle: you’ll need to make as many words as possible from the letters you’re given. The longer the word, the more damage you’ll inflict. Perfect for practicing your spelling while having a blast!

Tennis in the Face

Pete Pagassi, erstwhile tennis world champion, has fallen from grace due to his addiction to Explodz energy drinks. Fresh out of rehab, he decides to take revenge with the only weapon at his disposal: his trusty racket. The game is inspired by the Angry Birds series, with gameplay based on dexterity, observation, and brains. A fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Tesla Force

Here’s the sequel to Tesla VS Lovecraft. This time, the electric Nikola Tesla can count on Marie Curie’s help to defeat Cthulhu (the cosmic deity imagined by Lovecraft). This top-down rogue-lite promises almost unlimited quick and intense games where you beat down the monster, alone or in co-op. A great way to blow off some steam with some strange surprises in store!

Time Recoil

Your mission: land somewhere in the past and eliminate anything that moves, in a top-down shooter, to save the world from the evil Mr Time. Time Recoil is one of those unpretentious games the gaming community loves. With the ability to slow time, plenty of blood and gore, and destructible environments, we can see why. The difficulty really heats up from the 5th level onwards…

Undead Horde

Lead an army of zombies and massacre simple peasants, unfortunate animals, and brave warriors, then reanimate their corpses as your faithful servants. This game is all about micromanagement on the battlefield. Playing as a necromancer has never been so easy. A really fun game that’s accessible and totally off the wall!

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