Blockchain, Web3 & Cloud Gaming – Dystopia or Paradise?

Cloud Gaming + Blockchain

What happens when you mix Blockchain technology with cloud gaming? A Kafkaesque murder game called Squidward Games? Jennifer Hudson’s voice with Ryan Gosling’s face?

(I wouldn’t mind the latter)

None of the above (goodbye, Ryan).

Aethir (a distributed cloud infrastructure provider that describes itself as little like Airbnb for cloud GPUs) and GAM3S.GG (a Web3 gaming platform) are allegedly partnering up to provide a decentralized platform, using Blockchain technology to power Web3 Cloud Gaming. There are a lot of other crypto terms being thrown around that I am not familiar with because my brain isn’t ready to melt.

At least not yet.

What is Web3 Cloud Gaming, you might ask?

Cloud gaming leverages CPU and GPU resources in a datacenter to host and execute games on cloud-based platforms. Players can conveniently access and engage in these games via their web browsers, thus democratizing gaming for individuals without high-performance gaming PCs or consoles. Adding block-chain technology adds decentralization to the picture. The idea of decentralization means your game could be hosted on the nearest crypto-miners rig for example, or on the small cluster your local department store is running when they have spare cycles.


Unlike major cloud gaming platforms such as GeForce NOW, Boosteroid and Amazon Luna, Web3 cloud gaming allows players to actually own in-game purchases. Quite literally… And, also quite controversially…

For example, imagine you’re playing an unlicensed, voxel-induced nightmare titled “The Real Housewives of Final Fantasy”. Your character – let’s call her Brahney Scarlet – just got into a fight with her enemy, Fuu Le Blanche. After a perilous ordeal and a fight scene straight out of a Michael Bay movie, you end up kicking Le Blanche through a wall or something.

Scarlet levels up, obviously, and acquires a sword crafted by unicorns. This sword, let’s call it “TheUnicorn Sword #7161926 Tears Mint Edition”, belongs to you.


Unlike a random bubble gun (see what I did there?), you pick up from a dead person in Fortnite, Scarlet’s sword is uniquely yours to keep.

Or to sell.

For money.

Whether it is actually something of value is, of course, debatable.

Though niche, the Web3 gaming industry is picking up pace with and Immutable, the two most well-known Web3 gaming platforms.

Challenges Ahead

Let’s not rush into things. While we like to maintain an open-mind here at Cloud Dosage, beyond just convincing gamers that digital collectibles are worth real world dollars, Web3 cloud gaming has hurdles to clear, especially on the technical side. Think about it: ensuring smooth gameplay in a decentralized cloud without compromising security is no small task. We’re talking about tackling issues like latency and server stability to make sure every player gets an immersive experience, no matter where they are in the world and who is providing the GPU cycles.

The evolving complexity of games themselves also proves to be an issue, requiring top-notch networking protocols, efficient resource management, and the ability to scale up as needed.

It’s a delicate balancing act, but one that could redefine the way we game.

Innovations in cloud and edge computing are offering potential solutions to these challenges. Plus, with collaboration between industry leaders and developers, we’re making strides toward a gaming future that’s more inclusive and exhilarating than ever.

As GAM3S.GG and Aethir lead the charge, they’re not just shaping the gaming landscape; they’re attempting to revolutionize it. While there certainly will be bumps along the way, the journey promises to be worth keeping an eye on.

In the words of Immutable:

By leveraging blockchain technology, Web3 cloud gaming platforms empower players with unprecedented control over their gaming experience, from asset ownership to monetization.

We’ll be watching this space ourselves.

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