Boosteroid 4K120 Tier Officially Coming Soon

Boosteroid New Ultra Tier Pricing

Boosteroid is a popular cloud gaming service that, like NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, allows you to play games you already own from stores like Steam, Epic, Ubisoft Connect etc. on all of your existing screens. They have long touted that a 4K streaming plan was on the way. Now, it looks like that 4K gaming tier will be going live soon!

During the sign-up process at, you can now see the new “Ultra” tier advertised:

The new tier touts support for up to 4K resolution, 120 FPS and Ray Tracing. It will cost €17.89 a month or €14.98 a month if you commit to a 6 month subscription – prices are also similar in $. This is noticeably 10% – 25% cheaper than GeForce NOW’s ultimate tier, which offers similar specs.

Boosteroid hasn’t announced the exact specs for the tier, but in the past they have used custom servers created in a partnership with Asus that utilize NVIDIA GPUs. We expect a similar deployment for this tier, likely using either NVIDIA RTX 3080 or 4080 GPUs or similar class GPUs from AMD.

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