Boosteroid adds gameplay recording in their newest update

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The native PC app for Boosteroid now allows players to record short 30-second clips of their gameplay. While this functionality is common among gaming services, it’s a welcome addition for Boosteroid users. However, mobile gamers hoping to capture their on-the-go exploits will have to wait a bit longer. The feature currently only works on desktops.

Stadia’s instant capture set a high bar for in-game recording convenience, as it was available on all devices; so, it’s understandable to draw comparisons. Despite the limitations, recording 30-second clips directly within the Boosteroid PC app offers a valuable tool for players to share their in-game moments. Hopefully, mobile support will be added soon, further expanding the accessibility of this feature.

To begin recording, press the Alt + Shift + R key combination simultaneously. Look for the recording icon blinking in the top left corner – you’re good to go!

You can find a shortcut to the clip location folder in the session’s overlay and account section:

overlay for gameclips

The recording will include your microphone audio (if enabled) and the game session (both video and audio). When you’re done recording, your clip will be automatically saved with the game title and date/time in the filename, ready for you to find in the designated folder.

One thing worth noting, and I think it is a big thing. This recorded feature records from when you start it. Unlike other platforms, which save the last 30 seconds, this only saves 30 seconds from when you press the hotkey combination. Whilst I’m not complaining, I think a retroactive clip is more useful. Especially as you “360° no scope” your mate in Fortnite or find some creepy baby in Resident Evil Village. Knowing you’re going to be doing something cool in the next 30 seconds isn’t always apparent.

Is this something that you will be using? Drop any clips in the comments below!

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