Boosteroid Expands Its Library With Forspoken Plus 8 Other Games

Boosteroid Forspoken

This week’s cloud gaming news is kicked off by the announcement of more games rocketing into the Boosteroid library. Whether you’re a role-playing enthusiast or a Simulation addict, there is something for everyone, including late major releases like Forspoken, now available to stream via Boosteroid.

Boosteroid’s Library section

Boosteroid’s library section sees the addition of 7 games today. All of them are on Steam.


WooLoop Is a highly rated, artistic creation game. Build up great works of art by dragging your yarn in loops around various pins in your canvas.


hexceed Puts a modern twist on a classic puzzle game. Progress through hexes to uncover which spaces are safe and which spaces mask danger.

Coloring Pixels

Coloring Pixels digitizes the classic relaxing pastime of color by numbers. a 10/10 on Steam with almost 6,000 reviews.

The Isle

Explore a vast open world of dense forests, treacherous mountains, and dark swamps in the survival game, The Isle.

SimRail — The Railway Simulator

SimRail, an advanced railway simulator released in January. Control the traffic according to the schedule over 500 km of realistic routes.


Also released in January, Forspoken is an action RPG set in the Fantasy World of Athia which you must save using your newly bestowed abilities.


Finally, Can you become Undisputed in the most authentic boxing game ever with true-to-life visuals and bone-jarring action featuring more licensed boxers than ever before.

Boosteroid Install section

Two more games join Boosteroid via the “Install” section.


Fight to survive in Returnal. A third person roguelike shooter set on a hostile alien planet. Prepare for a high stakes journey each time you attempt to escape. Enjoy Returnal via Boosteroid!

Borderlands 3

And, needing no introduction, a long time favorite amongst gamers everywhere; Borderlands 3, is now available on Boosteroid.

With some of these titles being graphically intense, they are especially welcome to Boosteroid’s library. But don’t sleep on the smaller indie games either. They can be addictive and a joy to play on any screen.

Which game will you be firing up first? Many of us are looking forward to playing Forspoken and Returnal via Boosteroid!



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  1. Returnal is an AWESOME 3rd person shooter. Although the games makes use of the Dual Sense haptic triggers. Will be interesting to see how it has adapted to PC play

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