Boosteroid – Games Come, Games Go. (Temporarily)

One of the most significant benefits of cloud gaming is not needing to worry about storage limitations. Unfortunately, this concern ends with the consumer as the games need to be stored somewhere.

Boosteroid Storage Issues

Boosteroid has been having an excellent run growing both its user base and its library of available games. This has meant that the Ukranian-based cloud gaming service has come close to reaching its storage limitations because of the number of games available on the servers. Just like us gamers have to remove older games to make way for new ones, so too do the people behind the cloud solution, albeit on a bigger scale.

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So Long For Now

The team at Boosteroid are working on upgrading their storage shortly. But these things take time when on this scale. Not as simple as plugging in a new SSD, unfortunately. In the meantime, they have opted to temporarily disable around 20 titles to make room for new ones. These will be reactivated and available to play in the next couple of months as Boosteroid assure us they do not remove titles from the service. Only disable them.

What Titles?

The titles that you will be unable to play on Boosteroid for the time being include the following;

If you happen to be enjoying such titles on Boosteroid at the moment, it may be time to take a short break. However, there will be plenty of new titles arriving to keep you entertained in the meantime.

These join the previous set of titles that were “disabled” on the service as well.

You can look forward to the following titles arriving on Boosteroid soon;

  • Blacksad: Under the Skin
  • Gear Club Unlimited 2 – Ultimate Edition
  • Metal Mutation (recent release on Steam)
  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox
  • Pile Up! Box by Box
  • Steel Rats

We will be sure to let you know when these games arrive as well as when the games mentioned above return, so be sure to keep it here with Cloud Dosage.



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