New Boosteroid Games to Start October

October Boosteroid Games

Boosteroid has kicked off October with 10 new games in its library – including some big additions!

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play games you own from Steam, the Epic Game Store and other PC game stores. Boosteroid has two collections of games. Games in the “Library” are managed on Boosteroid’s servers and come with the backing of the publisher. In addition to its library, Boosteroid also lets you install a number of other popular games in a private cloud-drive (needs to be repeated each time you play) from their “Install and Play” section.

All of the above games are officially supported in Boosteroid’s “Library.”


Jack Deslippe

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3 thoughts on “New Boosteroid Games to Start October

  1. Hey Jack, just wanted to give you an update with your article here about Boosteroid. There were a total of 10 games that came to Boosteroid this week. You forgot to add Barotrauma and Just Cause 3.

  2. Thanks Vet! Good catch. I think the reason I missed these is that they may be returning games instead of totally new to Boosteroid. This is based on their Boosteroid IDs and the fact they aren’t listed under New.

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