Boosteroid: Streamers, Get Ready!

One of the more unique and popular features of Stadia was the ability to stream to YouTube directly from the server. Taking the heavy workload away from your computer. As a result, many content creators we know and love will not be able to continue streaming gameplay come January 18th. Boosteroid is here to help.

Prolific streamer and friend of Cloud Dosage, Vet Cloud Gaming, spotted an update to Boosteroid Last week. In the corner of the screen, it now says Beta Version – Share My Stream.

Vet Cloud Gaming Demoing Boosteroid's New Direct to YouTube Streaming
Vet took to YouTube to share the news

As Vet goes on to explain, this allows you to stream your Boosteroid gameplay directly to YouTube. Excitedly, we reached out to Boosteroid to find out more.

What we know

“Game session streaming tool is now live and in beta. It helps you share in one click your gameplay via Boosteroid to YouTube Live.” Mark from Boosteroid kindly explained. “You no longer need high-end hardware to play a video game and stream it at the same time — game sessions are streamed to YouTube from Boosteroid’s servers, not from your device.”

This is great news for the people who thought that they would no longer be able to Livestream once Stadia closes down. Mark went on to explain that the streamed gameplay will look smooth even if the player is experiencing Internet connection issues. Any jitter or drop in image quality experienced by the player will not appear in the stream.

It is worth noting that although the feature is live, it is currently unavailable due to the limits of available sessions that the users have reached already. Mark assures us that this will be fixed next week and streaming will once again be available without limitations. Let’s hope this is correct, and the feature is running smoothly before January 18th.

Boosteroid Banner

More to come

We are still waiting to hear back about some unanswered questions regarding the streaming tools. For example, What will the max resolution be? And Will you be able to overlay webcam footage? As soon as we hear back, we will update you all.

I find this incredibly interesting as Boosteroid is similar in terms of its offerings and how it works to cloud gaming leader, GeForce NOW. Whilst GFN is a great service with many games available, currently, it does not have a competing feature for this. If you are looking to livestream but don’t have the hardware, it might be time to give Boosteroid a try.

Boosteroid reports over 3.2 million users globally. They have a lofty goal of 100 million by 2025. With innovative features like this and ambitious goals, they are definitely worth watching over the next couple of years.



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