Brotato Is Getting New Content Alongside 4-Player Co-op


It is certainly no secret that Brotato is easily one of my favourite roguelike games. In fact, I recently listed it as one of the main cloud-playable titles that I keep coming back to.

So I am certainly excited by the news that Brotato is going to be getting its first major content update this summer in the form of the Abyssal Terrors DLC.

Abyssal Terrors will include:

  • 20 New Waves of Enemies
  • 10+ New Characters
  • 10+ New Weapons
  • 30+ New Items
  • And More!

The good news does not stop there, however, as the game will also be getting a free update that will allow players to play the game in 4-player local co-op.

This update will also bring fixes to the game as well as balancing adjustments and more new content.

Brotato is available to play in the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming and Boosteroid.


Lee Reid

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