Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition hits the Cloud

Celebrate 10 Years of Killer Instinct With The New Anniversary Edition

A surprise game has dropped on Game Pass Ultimate. As well as the expected Persona 5 Tactica, Rollerdome and Dune: Spice Wars, Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition also appeared!

Marking a decade of exhilarating combat, Killer Instinct unveiled a momentous update at Evo 2023. Through close collaboration with Iron Galaxy Studios, this definitive edition, aptly named Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition, has finally arrived. This landmark release introduces a collection of enhancements designed to welcome both veteran and novice players alike.

From a new color scheme for the logo. theme, and remastered in-game user interface (touted as a nod to Killer Instinct which released in 1996 on the N64!) right through to rebalancing characters. 19 of the 29 characters on the roster have been rebalanced to some degree. This rebalancing will create an entirely new meta for fighting gamers to explore.

The Xbox Series S/X version has also been optimized. Xbox Series X consoles now display Killer Instinct in resolutions up to 4K at 60FPS, while Series S consoles reach up to 1440p at 60FPS! Presumably, Xbox Cloud will sit within these specs as well, connection dependent.

Killer Instinct Characters

It is also worth noting that a free-to-play version of Killer Instinct, now available on Steam for the very first time, encompasses all the previously mentioned updates.



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