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We had the fantastic opportunity to talk with the head of marketing at abxylute, the company behind the abxylute one handheld gaming device.

Q. Many thanks for taking part in this interview with Cloud Dosage. 

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

A. Thanks for the invitation for this interview, and it’s a pleasure to bring more about abxylute to the Cloud Dosage audience. I am Eunice, and I am the head of marketing at abxylute, overseeing abxylute’s comprehensive exposure, collaborations with various parties (media, influencers, studios), and brand development

Q. Please tell us more about abxylute.

A. abxylute (we usually use all lowercase ;D) is a relatively young brand/company, founded in the summer of 2022 by a group of gaming and tech enthusiasts. We are dedicated to understanding gamers’ needs and creating solutions to enhance people’s gaming experiences.

Q. Can you please tell us more about the Abxylute Handheld device?

A. The abxylute handheld device (abxylute one) is our first product. People typically view it in two ways. Some see it as a pure remote play tool similar to PS portal, expanding their gaming horizons. Most people consider it a multi-function gaming system, with the ability to engage in remote play, cloud gaming, light Android gaming and emulator, media consumption. We are committed to providing users with an affordable, accessible device that ensures quality in craftsmanship, button and screen quality, and gaming experience within a limited price range.

Q. What was the inspiration to create a device that is focused towards cloud gaming? 

A. We have team members with prior experience in cloud gaming (software side), introducing the concept to the team. After trying cloud gaming, we found it very appealing, especially for casual to moderate gamers, which represents a significant portion of the population. It doesn’t require a substantial investment in hardware, offering access to a vast game library via subscription. Additionally, compared to playing on smartphones, tablets, or TVs (the current mainstream methods for cloud gaming), we believe handheld consoles are the perfect fit for this gaming format. Therefore, our first product was a dedicated handheld console.

Q. Are there any regular cloud gamers among the Abxylute team? 

A. Yes, currently, the ratio might be 50%:50%. Some of our team members are avid gamers with a deep passion for gaming, extensive knowledge, and a collection of various consoles/handheld. Others are more like casual players but joined our team because of their expertise. The latter group discovered abxylute and became enthusiastic about it while experiencing more games through cloud gaming. This reinforces our belief that for individuals who enjoy gaming but are light players, a combination of cloud services and an affordable handheld console is an excellent match.

Q. Looking at the future, can you give us any hints on what sort of updates we can look forward to for the Abxylute Handheld, for both the software and hardware

A. In terms of hardware, we are working on the development of the next-generation handheld console, responding to player needs, such as a more powerful chip or larger thumbsticks. However, this will take some time. Simultaneously, we will leverage our hardware design advantages to explore various gaming hardware peripherals.On the software side, we will continue to optimize our partnerships with more cloud gaming services. We will also listen to feedback from the gaming community and enhance the user experience within our launcher.

Q. Cloud gaming is ever evolving, what role do you think cloud gaming will play in the future of video games?

A. Cloud gaming will undoubtedly play a significant role in the future of video games. Major players like Xbox are actively pushing more games to their cloud gaming platforms. Samsung has also integrated cloud gaming into its TV hub. More games start to debut on cloud platforms, and as network infrastructure improves, performance enhances, and adoption rates increase, cloud gaming will become even more prevalent. We already witness many scenarios and conveniences it brings, such as instantly accessing games when friends visit without the need for downloads or providing gaming opportunities for college students away from their home setups.

Q. The market for video game handhelds is certainly heating up. What are the main aims for Abxylute to remain competitive in this space. 

A. We will continue to emphasize aspects that our customers have appreciated and where we excel: industrial design and quality hardware. Additionally, what sets us apart from many Windows or Android-based handheld consoles is our dedication to streaming. Thus, we are closely collaborating with industry-related partners (cloud gaming services, remote play app developers, etc.) to ensure the best possible user experience.

Q. You recently partnered with cloud gaming service  Boosteroid, could we expect to see further partnerships with other cloud gaming services in the future?

A. Yes, as I mentioned in the previous response, this has always been one of our top priorities. Cloud gaming still has a relatively small user base, and remote play typically has some setup hurdles, making it less beginner-friendly. When promoting these two directions, collaborating with existing players in this field through partnerships will be beneficial. We are working with Boosteroid and other partners, primarily in two areas: 1. optimizing their services’ performance on our machine 2. securing benefits we can offer to abxylute users, such as free trial periods or discounted subscriptions (some are still in the negotiation stage and not confirmed yet).

Q. 2023 has just drawn to close, what was your personal game of the year for 2023 and what game are you looking forward to most in 2024?

A. I don’t have much gaming time, mostly playing in pocket time between work. Therefore, I tend to avoid games with long main storylines. However, since getting involved with abxylute, I’ve been able to play more. In 2023, I played Marvel’s Spider-Man (2) quite a bit. I personally love the sensation of swinging, so I enjoyed it and their previous work immensely. I also caught up on some older games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, such as No Man’s Sky and discovered some great titles like Sea of Stars.

In 2024, I’m looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Hollow Knight: Silksong. The former is rumored to have rich content in its second installment. I liked VII when I was a child. And for Silksong, we’ve been waiting it for a long time. Additionally, Hades 2, while set to release in 2025, will have an early access version in 2024. I’m a big fan of the previous title, and this game is perfect for quick sessions in busy moments.

As always, I look forward to many surprises in the gaming world, games that I might not have heard of previously but will astound us.

Q. Many thanks for taking the time to chat with Cloud Dosage, is there anything else you would like to add for our readers? 

A. Thank you again for bringing up this interview so that we got the opportunity to share a bit about abxylute’s vision and roadmap. As cloud gaming becomes more accessible and offers improved performance, it will open up new dimensions in the gaming experience. The convenience and flexibility are what we are striving to offer with abxylute.

We are committed to being at the forefront of this transformation, collaborating with leading cloud gaming services and continuously improving our hardware and software. We hope to empower gamers with affordable, high-quality gaming experiences that transcend the limitations of traditional gaming setups.

Cloud Dosage would like to thank Eunice from abxylute for taking the time to chat with us.

You can find more information about abxylute and their abxylute one handheld gaming device over at – and if you have any interest in purchasing the abxylute one, you can use code clouddosage to save $10 off your purchase.

Be sure to stay tuned to Cloud Dosage as we will also have a review of the abxylute one handheld device on the site very soon.


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