Commandos: Origins Announced – Coming To Game Pass

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Publisher Kalypso Media, alongside developer Claymore Game Studios, have announced that the real-time stealth series, Commandos, will be making a return in 2024 with Commandos: Origins. It has also been confirmed that the game will be coming to Game Pass for both Xbox and PC at launch.


Commandos: Origins will take players back to World War II, where the series’ original characters unite in order to create their iconic Commando Squad.

The game will feature a gripping storyline, with challenging and tactical gameplay that spans 10+ missions that are set in authentic and historical locations.


  • Challenging Real Time Tactical Stealth Gameplay: Make the best use of your Commandos’ unique abilities, infiltrate enemy facilities and hit them where it hurts most before disappearing into the shadows. 
  • An extraordinary team: Featuring 6 infamous characters, each with their own storied history, banding together to form an extraordinary fighting force – the Commandos: Take control over Jack O’Hara “the Green Beret”, Thomas “the Sapper” Hancock, Francis T. “the Sniper” Woolridge, Samuel “the Driver” Brooklyn, James “the Marine” Blackwood, and Rene “the Spy” Duchamp and lead them to success.  
  • Many paths to victory: The detailed, varied and interactive environments offer multiple approaches to reach your goal. Sneak, climb, drive in various vehicles, or hide and creep your way to mission success!
  • On your mark: A modern user experience with precise and intuitive controls enables you to control the commandos with expert precision. 
  • Coordinate complex actions simultaneously to overcome heavily fortified targets. 
  • Fight on all fronts: Play through more than 10 missions in historically authentic WWII environments, spanning from the barren Arctic to the African desert, with a range of core and voluntary objectives that will require your full tactical expertise.
  • There is no I in team: Take on missions with a friend in the 2-player cooperative multiplayer mode, either online or via local split-screen.


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