Cool Off With A Stadia Sale

It’s too hot to be out foors right now. You’re better off staying inside and playing games.

Thanks to the recently added Stadia Sale, that just got a lot easier. Enjoy up to 50% off games including Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (for just $2.99!!) along with the rest of the Tomb Raider series, Life is Strange: True Colors, Grime and Blue Fire. A whole load of add ons from Dead By Daylight are once again on sale too. So, if you missed out last time, fear not.

Let us know if you are picking up any bargains today. Which games would you recommend people pick up from the sale?



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3 thoughts on “Cool Off With A Stadia Sale

  1. I am tempted to buy Life Is Strange. I really loved the previous two chapters and I think I only miss this one among the games now on discount. Although I already have Valiant Hearts on my list that I definitely want to replay as soon as possible.

  2. Sadly I already own all the games on sale except one, Life is Strange True Colors. Perhaps one day I’ll get it 🙂

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