Day Passes Are Now Available For GeForce NOW + 8 New Titles Arrive Into The GFN Library

GFN Thursday!

It was confirmed last week that they would be coming and now they are officially here. Day passes allow users to try either the GeForce NOW Priority or Ultimate memberships for 24 continous hours.

Each pass will allow you to experience all the benefits of each membership, helping you decide if GeForce NOW is the cloud gaming service for you.


There is also an update rolling out this week for GeForce NOW on Windows and macOS with support being added for G-SYNC in the cloud.

Paired with NVIDIA Reflex, this will provide GeForce NOW Ultimate members with ultra-low-latency streaming, really helping to make the GFN experience less indistinguishable from playing on a local PC or console.

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New Games…

Of course, it would not be a GFN Thursday without a list of new titles joining the GFN Library.

This week we have 8 new titles being added, 6 of which are brand-new releases:


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