Dead Cells: Netflix Edition Is Now Available On Netflix Games

Netflix has finally added the beloved cult-classic indie game “Dead Cells” on Netflix Games, so let’s discuss it and why this is an exciting new addition.

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Netflix has added the cult-classic indie game “Dead Cells” to its growing gaming catalog, making it the eightieth game available via Netflix. “Dead Cells” is a video game similar to the classic “Metroid” and “Castlevania” games, but “Dead Cells” is known for being a harder game than those other previously mentioned games. “Dead Cells: Netflix Edition” is published by Playdigious on mobile via Netflix and like other Playdigious games on Netflix, “Dead Cells: Netflix Edition” does include support for controllers. “Dead Cells: Netflix Edition” is a fun but challenging hack-slash where you play as a blob who must take over dead bodies and escape the deserted castle the game takes place in, as well as defeating powerful bosses,

Will you be checking out “Dead Cells: Netflix Edition”? let us know.


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